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ABCs of Search Engine Optimization

By Charles Moffat - January 2013.

A - Always stay on topic with your website's marketing campaign.

B - Buy Quality Links from Topic Oriented Websites. Buy Buy Buy!

C - Creative Content Writing, Think Outside the Box when it comes writing content.

D - Dreaming is for Dreamers. Be a Doer and start a blog, write new content regularly and DO IT. Failure to do so will leave you behind in the Dust.

E - Every Dog Has Its Day - Earn your reputation by working hard on writing quality stuff people will actually want to read. Don't worry about going viral. Those things rarely happen. Your site might go viral someday, but not today.

F - Follow Links - Learn the difference between a Follow Link and a Nofollow Link. Nofollow links is why advertising on Craigslist, Facebook and Twitter don't really do anything for you Search Engine Optimization wise.

G - Grab Attention with Smart Headlines - Keep it above the waist, but be smart about what keywords you use.

H - Hire a SEO expert to do all this for you. Because the Hours you will spend doing faulty Search Engine Optimization and getting nothing will be cut down dramatically if you have a professional do it for you.

I - Ignore small mistakes. Little mistakes with your SEO is actually good because Google has an algorithm that watches for websites whose SEO is "too perfect". Use different sets of keywords in your marketing campaign.

J - Just Write, Write, Write and make more things for people visiting your website to do. A small website will garner a small amount of hits. A large website will garner a large amount of visitors!

K - Keywords - Learn which keywords you are marketing for by checking out your competition and what your main rivals are doing. So if your field is that of a Personal Trainer in Toronto, then you need to be using those keywords.

L - Local Baby! Think Local, Advertise Local, Build Local Content. If your business is for local clients you need to be thinking in TORONTO, TORONTO, TORONTO!

M - Music can be a powerful tool in your advertising videos on YouTube. Marketing wise music can turn a good video into a great video and garner your website a lot more attention.

N - Niche Advertising is awesome and effective. Narrow down your advertising more and squeeze the competition.

O - Organize and Optimize your site properly so it is easy to navigate and Search Engine Optimized so that search bots can easily find all the internal linkages.

P - Professional Looking is Important. But so is being Personal. People like sites which are focused on the personality of the business owner and present themselves as being friendly, fun and approachable.

Q - Quit thinking short term. Think LONG TERM SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION to get the #1 rank.

R - Read Industry News - Stay up to date with what is going on in your industry so that you have ideas to write about and if a customer ever asks about that topic you already know about it.

S - Stay Strong and Focused. Don't give up on your marketing campaign just because your Search Engine Optimization isn't working immediately. Be patient. Remember Google only updates PageRanks every 6 months so you cannot expect a huge jump in 1 month.

T - Trading Links? DON'T DO IT! Trading links through link exchanges is a sure way to get your website downgraded by Google. Trading links is a complete waste of time and only hurts your SEO.

U - Unique Content. Don't steal written content from other sources. Write your own or hire a writer to make fresh content.

V - Viral Advertising doesn't work very often. Its completely hit and miss. Think VIDEOS instead and keep your budget low, your videos short and catchy.

W - Wordcounting. Keep your important Keywords under 3%.

X - X Marks the Spot! Narrow your advertising focus to 4 keywords and only advertise on websites which has all 4 words.

Y - YellowPages are dead. Nobody advertises there any more because its flooded with nofollow links.

Z - Zero Tolerance for Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO can get your website downgraded by Google.

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