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Video Editing

The ability to add video (whether it be real people or animations) is an extra benefit to your website. It gives you more diverse content (which boosts your SEO presence) and allows visitors something extra to do than just read and look at photography or graphs.

Not everyone however has the necessary skills, experience or software to make videos however, and once made some people don't know what to do with them.

At we do all the difficult work for you. We edit, we add music or sound effects if desired, logos, graphics... whatever you need. And then we post the videos on YouTube and/or other video sharing websites for you, help you set up accounts, or we can set it up on your website to stream directly to your customers with no middle man.

The end goal is to give your website / business an edge against the competition.

Lets say for example you are a real estate agent who wants to sell a house in Toronto. You want photos obviously, but having video is much more useful when trying to sell to clients. It allows people to explore the building more easily from the comfort of their own home.

Advertising can often be misleading if you just see a photo. People want to see the item in question, for example a car, actually moving. It becomes more real to the customer when they can see the car swerve around corners, kicking up a cloud of dust. An owner seeking to sell their used car online would be wise to make a video about their car, including what is wrong with it, so that potential buyers know exactly what they are getting into.

If you need help with your videos just email designSEO and we will help you with your video editing needs.

The Wow Factor

Videos can also introduce an important wow factor which will cause people to be amazed by what can be done using professional editing, adding music and cutting out scenes that aren't needed. Shown here is a video we like to show clients of stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill. We like showing it to clients because it is an excellent demonstration of what the wow factor can do for a video's popularity (as of May 2011 the video surpassed 25.5 million views).

Going Viral

Making a viral video isn't something that can be done on demand. You have to create something that is irresistably funny, amazing or incredible. Once made it has to be something that other people want to share with others, and further more this won't happen with every video. Some of it just comes down to dumb luck. If an important / popular website posts the video, it gets shared repeatedly on Facebook or Twitter... and then the mass media picks it up and suddenly its being shown on national television.

The point we are making is that viral videos don't happen often. They're extremely rare. But this should not discourage people from wanting to create something which is truly amazing in an attempt to go viral. Even if the video is only moderately or slightly popular its still bringing in a lot more attention to the website then without the video, and it improves the website's visibility overall.

Speaking for ourselves the best video we've ever made has surpassed the 1,360,000 mark (as of March 2021). We know viral videos are rare, but that isn't going to stop us from trying to beat that.

For more on this topic see Viral Video Marketing.

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