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PayPal Shopping Carts

When it comes to creating a website that can handle product orders we highly recommend using PayPal.

PayPal has over 230 million users, allows any website to accept MasterCard, VISA or American Express, and adds functional shopping carts to your website quickly and efficiently. It also means customers have the option to pay directly out of their bank account or PayPal account, bypassing credit cards entirely.

PayPal also means customers can pay right away, saving both you and them time and stress. Its also highly secure. PayPal has NEVER been hacked into and had user data stolen.

Once the funds is in your account you can transfer that money (in any major currency) to your bank account.

Setting up a PayPal account and putting it on your website for every product or service on your website can be daunting task for someone who have never done it before and doesn't understand coding. That is why we offer our services to help you get the right coding on your website the first time so you avoid unnecessary stress.

PayPal has additional services which allows you to create and send invoices, accept credit card payments via phone, offer rebate codes and affiliate commissions, and even accept donations if your website is non-profit.

If you're the type of person who has difficulty learning how to use such websites we can also sit you down and teach you how to use them. Once you have it figured out you will find it is a lot less stressful.

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