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The art of graphic design is more than mere craft. To become a professional graphic designer it means studying in the college / university level and then making your way in a field beleaguered by amateurs and very competitive professionals.

As an art form graphic design encompasses everything from colour renderings of properties, calendars, postcards, business cards, logo design, branding, signs, banners, book covers, restaurant menus, flyers, magazine / newspaper layouts, greeting cards, advertising layouts for traditional print media and anything else you can think of a printable surface. At we have two professional graphic designers at our disposal ready for any graphical task you set them, including graphics for online use.

Hiring a graphic designer is not something to be done lightly. Its like hiring a tailor to make a suit. It will take time and effort, several fittings (or in a graphic designer's case, drafts) and eventually you will have the final product.


Many graphic designers don't like to discuss rates because every project is different and its difficult to estimate the time requirements until they know exactly what the client wants. Its helpful if you are detailed and come prepared with your goals, expectations and ideas.

Our graphic design team charges $40 to $100 per hour, depending on the person and on the project. If it's recreating something, we charge a lower amount, if it's original design work, we'd charge a higher amount. For something very simple that only takes half an hour we might only charge $20. Many graphic designers charge up to $100 / hour so our prices are industry standard.

Logos and Business Cards can range in price, around $500 for the design and additional charges for printing, depending on the run size.

The cost of getting the cards printed was priced separately and we add an admin fee for handling the project and mark the print cost a bit.

Catalogue work takes approx. 5 to 15 hours to design the covers and the master pages for the spreads. 1 to 3 hours per page to lay out the content, including revisions and proofing.

Other specific projects will have to be discussed in person. Please contact us to arrange a meeting. Just email designSEO and we will help you with your graphic design needs.

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