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If you are here its presumably because you're looking for a website designer, a quality one who can do the job, but also one which knows how to design a website in a way that makes it easier to update, gives personal service, and knows how to make a website popular.

It is the issue of popularity for which Search Engine Friendly Website Design is about. If a website is poorly designed by an amateur they probably don't have much experience in how to also promote a website using SEO. They make all sorts of mistakes which ultimately hurt the website's ability to be ranked higher in search engine results. They misuse keywords, use bad links, mislabel images... its a big SEO Checklist of do's and don'ts.

Knowing that checklist and designing a website within those parameters to create a SEF website is what we at do best. We create an easy to navigate website which allows people (and search engine bots) to explore the website easily without any confusion. We use links and images that are coded and labeled correctly so that both visitors and search engines recognize that this is a well designed website. We follow the old adages of "Keep It Simple Stupid", "Less is More" and believe stylishness is nothing without user friendliness and functionality. ie. You could have a great looking website, but if people can't buy your product or if your website is difficult to promote, what is the point of looking good if nobody can see it?

Our goal is to create great looking websites that actually work properly. This means more visitors, more customers, more fans, whatever it is you are trying to do there is more of them.

The biggest hint we will give you, even if you decide to hire someone else, is quality content.

Content is King

Text, images, videos... but most important is text. Search engines are text based. Written languages are text based. Thus the importance of text, lots of it, and keywords comes into play.

When designing this website ( we chose to go the route of lots of text. Text which is constantly changing, being updated monthly, which is "wikified", and we are constantly adding new pages on the topics of design and SEO.

By creating a constant stream of new content we insure that our website will be ranked at the top of search engines and that we get potential customers like you coming to our website, looking at the services we have to offer.

Website Design Services

To hire us we charge a base rate of $35 per hour for website design. We also offer discount packages for Toronto and GTA clients based on in-person meetings. We prefer handshake deals and written agreements. Its part of our personal commitment to give you quality website design that you will love and come back for more.

Plus by giving such quality service you are more likely to tell friends and colleagues about us, leading to extra work for us to do.

All of our websites are hardcoded by hand. There are no WYSIWIGs that a 5 year old could use. We handcraft everyone of our websites, using attention to detail, test the websites visually in all the major browsers and at a speed no WYSIWIG could compete with.

We also make sure our websites are optimized for maximum viewing pleasure regardless of whether you are using a 1024 x 768 monitor or 1920 x 1200 monitor. As of 2010 0.6% of the population still uses a 800 x 600 (or smaller) screen resolution, thus our websites are viewable by 99.4% of the population.

Website Design Packages

Package I - A small simple website with multiple pages with no bells or whistles. $300 CDN.

Package II - A small website (up to 10 pages) with a few bells and whistles and a more polished design. $750 CDN.

Package III - A small to medium sized website (up to 20 pages) with bells, whistles and significantly more effort involved. $1500 CDN.

Website design is not "one size fits all". Its entirely possible for small websites to be complicated depending on what the client wants to do with it. For larger / more complex websites ask to meet a website designer in person and we can discuss your website design needs, desires and budget.

Our Experience

Our lead designer / founder is Charles Moffat, a veteran website designer who has been building websites professionally since 1997. Charles has a hand in every website we make, adding his experience and technical know-how as a hardcoding guru to other members of the designSEO team.

Our past clients include the Ontario government, Yahoo! Geocities, York University, Royal LePage, various arts, dance, educational, fashion, finance, literary, music, political, real estate, sports, and e-commerce websites.

If you need help just email designSEO and we can create the website you need to help grow your business.

Server Hosting

If you also need a server to host your website on we can offer you space on our corporate SiteAction server for $100 CDN per year. Or you can get your own SiteAction server, which has reasonable rates and their service is impeccable. Either way their servers have the following specs:

  • Industrial strength CISCO routers & switches
  • Redundant GlobalCenter, Qwest Communications and GTE International connections
  • Guaranteed 99.99% UP TIME
  • Custom Sub-Domains
  • FTP access to upload & manage your site
  • CGI bin, for custom form processing
  • Web Statistics with detailed activity and traffic logs
  • Daily backup of your data
  • Friendly & professional technical support
  • On-site diesel generator and UPS power back up
  • 24-hour on-site system monitoring and maintenance
  • POP3 Accounts allows distinct e-mail addresses + e-mail forwarding & aliasing
  • Autoresponders automatic replies to incoming e-mail
  • Email Newsletters
  • MySQL Database
  • Browser based Control Panel
  • Visitor Counter
  • Internal Web Glimpse Search or External Google Search

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