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Javascript Functionality

Javascript is a coding language which allows you to add bells and whistles to a website to do something special. There are limits to what javascript can do, but within those limitations is a huge list of possibilities to add extra functions to your website and make it look more interesting (ie. the moving background on this page).

Javascript can do a wide range of functions including math calculations, forms, image effects, background effects and navigational tools. You can even create games and complex functions using Javascript

Of course not every website needs this level of functionality. It is just a fancier way to show images, use links and create navigation that works. Such bells and whistles are just a side dish to website design, something to make the website more interesting.

Note - While Javascript functions are certainly fun to add to websites, many websites now avoid using them due to issues concerning browser compatibility, the increased use of phones/tablets (particularly Apple products) which don't allow Javascript, and as such while Javascript is useful and interesting, it is increasingly becoming obsolete due to more websites being designed to be mobile friendly. Thus these days we usually recommend clients to avoid using Javascript, unless they insist upon having some sort of Javascript function on their website, in which case they run the risk of not every visitor being able to see or use the function.

To learn more about how we can use Javascript to improve the look and feel of your website email us as

The following is a short list of some of the functions you can add to a website's pages, depending upon what your goal is:

  • Adjust Colours
  • Age Redirection
  • Alert messages
  • Animated Tabs
  • AutoClose PopUps
  • Auto Redirects
  • Back Buttons
  • Background Changes
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Bouncing Images
  • Cascading Menus
  • Category Menus
  • Collapsible Menus with Memory
  • Countdown Redirects
  • Custom Cursors
  • Custom PopUps
  • Daily MP3s
  • Date and Time Effects
  • Day Redirection
  • Delayed PopUps
  • Drag and Drop Menus
  • Dynamic Image Galleries
  • Email Boxes
  • Expanding Window
  • Fading Background
  • Fading Rollover
  • Fireworks
  • Floating Logo
  • Floating Menus
  • Forms
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Games
  • Highlight Text
  • Indent Menus
  • Jump Menus
  • Key Launchers
  • Link Annotations
  • Link Arrays
  • Link of the Day
  • Monthly Pages
  • Music Streaming
  • Navigational Buttons
  • New Windows
  • PopUp Menus
  • Pulldown Menus
  • Quick Preview
  • Radio Buttons
  • Random Backgrounds
  • Random Colours
  • Random Images
  • Random Pages
  • Random Text / Links
  • Remote Control
  • Rotating Banners
  • Rotating Images
  • Scrolling Menus
  • Selective Links
  • Shimmering Links
  • Sliding Backgrounds
  • Sliding Menus
  • Snow
  • Surveys
  • Tickers
  • And that is just a taste of what Javascript can do to enhance your website. To learn more email just email designSEO to setup an in-person consultation.

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