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How to Hire Link Building Services

By Charles Moffat - August 2011.

#1. Look for SEO companies which have a good PageRank themselves. Check their main index page. Anything above a 3 indicates they know what they are doing. (ie. Ours is a PageRank of 4 as of August 2011.)

#2. Inquire about quality links. The better the PageRank and the more on topic the website is the more results you will get on a per link basis. You are looking to get multiple quality links within your budget.

#3. Remember that a single PageRank 3 website is worth approximately 5 times a PageRank 2 website in terms of quality. Each rank goes up by approximatel a factor of 5. Thus a link on a PageRank 5 website is worth approximately 125 links on PageRank 2 websites.

#4. Don't bother buying links unless you have a good quality website that is at least "above par". If people are going to your website and not staying very long its a sign that you need to improve your content. A good rule of thumb is to promote pages you know have gone viral in the past or are at least popular.

#5. If the company is offering you "hundreds of links for $299.99" then they're a bargain basement company and their links will be shoddy to say the least. The going rate for quality links is approximately $30 to $50 per link.

#6. A lot of SEO companies won't even look at you if your budget isn't at least $300. They're looking to snag the big fish and don't want to waste their time on small time clients. Come expecting to spend at least $200. (Note: The really big SEO companies will be asking a lot more, like $5,000 for a short term campaign.)

#7. Find out how many websites the companies you are looking at actually have in their network. Use "" to see how many pages they have on their own server. (Less than 10 pages suggests they're amateurs.) Over 1,000 means they're a big company, but at least they know what they're doing.

#8. Do a Google search for their company name. If the only websites coming up is their own they can't be very big, but if 1,000+ is coming up then this suggests the company has been around awhile and is doing a good job of promoting themselves.

#9. State your budget and then ask how many quality links you could get for that budget. ie. A $300 budget should net you somewhere an average of 10 good quality links. Less than 5 and they are ripping you off, more than 20 and they are probably pretty shoddy links built in a hurry. (Or worse, they're using Black Hat SEO and could actually damage your website's ranking.)

#10. Ask about past clients. If they don't have any past clients (or refuse to talk about them) then I smell a rat. There are a number of bad companies out there which are conning people into signing up for SEO services and then never actually delivering (or falsifying hits using a reloading bot).

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