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The Laughable Expectations of Non SEO People

By Charles Moffat - February 2012.

Earlier today I responded to someone looking to get 15 sets of competitive keywords to the top 10 of Google's search rankings within 60 days.

And they wanted this done on a small budget.

I responded you could do it with a million dollars just to emphasize just how ridiculous their expectations were. Let me explain the math...

#1. Competitive keywords are very expensive to get into the top 10. It would take you a year and a budget of (at least) $10,000 to do it. Why is this so difficult? Because the competition is doing the same thing and they've been doing it longer than you so they have a headstart.

#2. If you are trying to speed up the process you will need to cut corners by purchasing links on websites with high PageRanks that are on topic. This will easily multiple the cost by approximately x10 for a 2 month time limit. So $100,000 per set of keywords is a reasonable estimate.

#3. They wanted to do this with 15 different sets of keywords. For maximum efficiency you can really only promote 3 sets per purchased ad (more than that and its spammy). So multiple the total cost by x5. (If you are keeping track the total is now $500,000.)

#4. You will need a whole team of SEO experts doing this and they have families, bills to pay and need to make a profit. So times the above number by 2. There you go, a million dollars. Give or take a few thousand.

Now imagine that the client is asking to have this done for $200. $200 wouldn't even get 1 competitive keyword within the Top 100, not even with a year to do it.

If you are running a business and you have a website as one of your methods of marketing yourself to customers then you need to be promoting your website online. The problem is how to promote it. You have to have a reasonably sized budget set aside specifically for LONG TERM SEO.

This is why offers 1 year service on all SEO deals we make. #1. Its cheaper for you to do long term. #2. It means we have ample time to guarantee our results.

There are lots of bargain basement online marketeers out there. Most of them (if not all) are using Black Hat SEO. They will tell you how there is no danger to your website and nothing but benefits to using Black Hat SEO...

Interesting Tidbit #1. Google can and does ban websites which use Black Hat SEO.

Interesting Tidbit #2. Google also DOWNGRADES websites caught using a moderate amount of Black Hat SEO.

So the end result is Black Hat SEO will hurt your website. It just isn't worth the risk.

Some SEO marketeers will also tell you they use "Grey Hat SEO", which has a combination of confusing definitions. Some people say its a mix of black and white, others say it is borderline Black Hat, and so forth. But is it really worth the risk of having your website banned or downgraded? No, it isn't.

Want to learn how to spot a Black Hat SEOer? Look for their ads saying "100 links for $100" or similar bulk promotional offers.

Our offer?

#1. We only use White Hat SEO. Tried and true methods that won't get your website banned or downgraded.

#2. We use high quality Pinpointed SEO which is on topic with your website's product or service.

#3. We may cost more, but our quality speaks for itself and you will keep coming back for more.

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